SUP Improvers Course – £30

Stand Up Paddleboarding lesson aimed for those who’ve already completed our beginners course and need some refinement.

Improve and refresh your skills

You’ve already completed our ‘Ready to Ride’ beginners lesson but you’re still a little wobbly on the board simply need to enhance your skills. Our improvers course covers everything you’ve already learnt to recap on anything you may of missed. Your SUP instructor will give you some personal coaching thought the lesson to really move you along!

Idyllic learning conditions

Our paddle boarding lessons are based in Dedham on the boarder of Essex and Suffolk. The River Stour flowing through the historic Dedham vale provides calm and easy learning conditions. Dedham village lays in between Ipswich and Colchester making easy and quick access routes.

Prepare for our SUP club

Thought the season we organise SUP tours on a weekly basis. This is your chance to explore other locations around the county both inland and coastal.

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