Reasons to Date a Kite surfer

With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games well underway, we all have a chance to watch in amazement as the world’s best athletes come together to compete. A sport that hasn’t quite made the Olympics yet is our beloved Kitesurfing even though in 2012 a decision was made that the sport would replace windsurfing; this unfortunately was overturned (why can’t both be in there!?). The windsurfing athletes might have made the Olympics but something they’re not featured in, unlike kitesurfing is a new website called Date an Athlete which is the inspiration for this post. Kite surfers are extremely dateable; here are just some of the reasons why:

Their hair

If you’ve ever been to Salcombe, you’ll know the kind we mean: luscious long locks of sun kissed hair with waves more impressive than the ocean itself. This is a great perk because they’ll have all the styling products you’ll ever need yourself, an expensive hair dryer and maybe even some tips. On the other hand though, they may take up more time than you in the mirror but at least you know they can style the wet look at pool parties!

They are patient

If it turns out however that you take longer getting ready, at least you know that they’ll wait for you just like waiting for the right wave or the right amount of wind. Patience is also great for other parts of the relationship, for example when waiting for dinner (that’s as far as we’re going with that one). When you are in a bad mood after a bad day at work however, at least you know they’ll be patient with you until you start smiling again.

Unlimited beach days

What could be better than spending all of your weekends lying on the beach? You will get a killer tan, better than anyone else in your work place, which will be au nature so say goodbye to St Tropez (the fake tan, not the town – you can still go there). There’s no place better to chill out and feel stress-free than on the sandy shores! And to keep you entertained, you’ll have your other half kite surfing all day long in a tight body suit. Not just that though, your Instagram posts will be envied by all your friends when you are touring the world, from beach to beach to watch all the competitions. You could probably take on a part time job as an Instagram travel influencer if you brush up your photo skills (and gain some followers).

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