1-2-1 Coaching – £35hr / 2-1 £25hr per person

Kitesurfing coaching lessons in Essex. Refresher lessons and tuition for beginners to advanced. Board starts, riding upwind, transitions and going big!

Customised coaching

Private classes are a perfect way for the lesson to be completely adapted to you maximising your progression. From a complete beginner to advanced we can find a way to make the perfect lesson plan just for you!

Time for a little refresh

If you’re now at the stage where you have learnt all the basic skills involved within kite surfing and perhaps need some expert coaching then a refresher lesson is a very effective way to progress quickly.  It also means that you can relax and progress at your own speed, no worrying about being held back in group situations.

Step it up a notch

Stuck on your current riding level? Sounds like its time to start boosting, rotations, wave ride, air tricks or what ever takes your fancy….we’re sure we can provide the tools to make this happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of the Lesson?

The lesson duration is customised to you

When do Lessons Take Place?

Lessons can be booked for any day, weekends and week days.

What Happens if the Weather’s Inappropriate?

If we cannot start or continue the lesson don’t worry.  We will re-schedule for another time.

How Many People on the Lesson?

Just you or if you prefer the lesson can be made for 2

What do I Need to Bring?

Comfortable clothing, towel, sun glasses, sun cream and lunch/drink to fuel your energy. We supply wetsuits but if you have your own please feel free to bring along.