2 Day Kite Surfing Lesson – £200

2 Day Kitesurfing Lesson. A complete beginner course teaching all the fundamentals in kite control & board starts to make you an independent kitesurfer.

A complete beginner’s course

A kitesurfing course designed to teach you everything from kite control to board starts.

Advanced kite control

We will begin on the first day covering all the fundamental skills in kitesurfing including advanced handling with the kites, and body dragging in the water under power.  We will also coach you in launching and landing techniques as well as the theory topics covering all safety aspects.

Start to ride the board!

The second day is your chance to put your new skills to practice and have a go at riding the board! We will guide you on the water start and prolonged riding. Let’s see how you progress, you may find yourself riding in all directions and going for the transitions. The group size is kept small and usually only up to 2 per instructor, occasionaly 3 max. Small classes means excellent progression and your IKO instructor will be by your side at all times to show you the ropes.

You’ll receive your very own IKO Certificate indicating your level at the end of the course. Your passport to heaven!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of the 2 Day Kitesurfing Lesson?

The length of each day is approximately 3-4 hours dependant if theres another customer joining the course.

When do Lessons Take Place?

Lessons can be booked for any day, weekends and week days.

What Happens if the Weather’s Inappropriate?

If we cannot start or continue the lesson don’t worry.  We will re-schedule for another time.

How Many People on the Lesson?

We keep groups small to maximise progression. Just 2 students per instructor. If you prefer to learn as a group of friends or family then we are can teach up to 4.

What do I Need to Bring?

Comfortable clothing, towel, lunch, sun glasses and sun cream. We supply wetsuits but if you have your own please feel free to bring along.