All Kit Supplied

We provide the very best and latest kit for you to enjoy on your kitesurfing and paddleboarding experience from leading brands including Best Kiteboarding, BIC Sups and ION wetsuits

The kites you’ll use

RRD Vision and Obsession 2016

We regularly update our kitesurfing kit with the very latest and most awesome gear. For the 2016 season we have RRD kites and boards. One of the biggest brands in the sport, the RRD range will really excel your progression!

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The SUP’s you’ll use

RRD Boards 2016

A full fleet of boards with different shapes including all-rounders, tourers and cruisers to give you the full experience. We’ve chosen RRD SUP boards because of their trusted and well established surf brand as well as build quality and performance! 

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The gear you’ll wear

ION wetsuits and safety gear

Our main goals is to keep you safe, comfortable and making sure you’re having FUN! We’ve gone to one of the best brands in town to kit you out in full ION wetsuits, buoyancy aids, harnesses and helmets to make sure you’re more than ready for some action.

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