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IKO (international kiteboarding organization) is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the industry.

With our very own IKO Examiner Matty Hurrell, we aim to provide you with the very best instructor training program to prepare you with all the skills you’ll need to teach other kitesurfers all around the world.

The IKO Training Path

Step 1…

Join the Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC-Plus). This 5 day course is the first level towards a progressive career as an IKO Instructor. If you already have this qualification or have a instructor diploma with another organization then this course is not required.

Step 2…

Join the Instructor Training Course (ITC) with the aim to be a fully qualified level 1 instructor. The ITC runs for 5-days at an IKO affiliated Center and is taught by an Examiner. An Examiner is a professional  who is in charge of your training, evaluation and certification as a new Instructor. ITCs are held with a maximum of 8 candidates.


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