Combine your passion and job as an IKO Level 1 instructor

 The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is based on IKO kiteboard teaching methods, which are recognized as the international standard in kiteboard teaching. The ITC runs for 5-days at IKO affiliated center Zenith Kiting in Essex and is taught by an our very own IKO Examiner Matty Hurrell. Matty will be in charge of your training, evaluation and certification as a new Instructor. ITCs are held with a maximum of 8 candidates.

What will  you learn during an ITC? 

Your Examiner will expand and transform your theoretical knowledge and practice level and turn these skills sets into a mastery of abilities so that you can teach while transferring your love and passion of the sport to others.
Because students safety is our priority, the ITC is hosted at an IKO affiliated Center where your Examiner will train you interactively on all aspects of safety, practical environment, analysis, technique and teaching psychology. Also, live situation modules are held to prepare you for real teaching sessions.

Completion of the Instructor Training Course

If you successfully pass, your will be certified as an IKO Instructor level 1, and you will be able to run lessons fully and independently with two students and one kite at the same time.
In case all the ITC modules have not been completed, you may receive internship hours at the end of the ITC. This means that you will need to teach under the supervision of an Instructor level 2 or higher for a designated amount of time in order to complete your training and be validated as an Instructor. Internship is the best way to complete your training while earning teaching practice.

Worldwide qualifications and benefits

  • Teach up to two students with one kite at the same time,
  • Certify students with the IKO Member Card,
  • Access the online job list,
  • Post seeking employment ads to the online job list,
  • Work at IKO Affiliated Centers,
  • Receive customer feedback that results in an international instructor ranking,
  • Post personal profile information viewable on the general public website.


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What our customer’s say…

  • "Absolutely brilliant"

    Very professional in all areas of kitesurfing especially the safety side can't recommend him enough great guy very patient and thorough great course thanks.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Mark Payne 24/09/2015 (Walton, UK)
  • C2Sky in Mui Ne, Vietnam is top-notch Kitesurfing school. Windy beach, a wide range of kites, helpful staff and beach boys who make your training easy and effective. Special thanks to the trainer Matty Hurrell. Good job man!
    Kitesurfing Lesson, MarkTamminen 08/04/2015 (Finland)
  • "Amazing Matty!"

    I have had several lessons with Matty Hurrell Learning the basics to body dragging then getting up with board starts! I progressed so quickly,and had the best time in my life! Kiting is now my favourite thing in life and I am constantly praying for wind! Matty is the best instructor as I have previously had a lesson with another instructor and I have to say Matty is outa this world! So calm,explains everything but in a fun way that you learn well! I advise you to go with zenith kiting
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Emma Round 28/06/2014 (Brightlingsea, UK)
  • "Awesome kitesurfing instructor!"

    Matty took the time to explain everything fully which put mind at rest prior to getting on the water. He made sure that I fully understood everything before moving on to the next stage. He sensed my concerns and addressed them, giving me the confidence to conquer the water starts. Each stage led smoothly into the next enabling me to progress fairly quickly. At the end of the course I felt confident to continue on my own. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matty and Zenith Kiting!
    Kitesurfing Lesson, James Lissiman 29/09/2014 (New Zealand)
  • "Awesome kitesurfing instructor!"

    Matty is a Awesome instructor, everyone you speak to down here says the same, had the best time learning to kitesurf, Matty started with safety and the basics until I was comfortable with them, then started in the water and I picked it up very quick as he was constantly telling me how to improve. Couldn't of asked for a better instructor or a nicer fella.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Josh Welham 10/10/2014 (Brightlingsea, UK)
  • "Feels like flying!"

    Rough see, so did only four hours in 2 days. Best four hours of my life, even know that Matty had to release us from the kite, which I'm still thankfull for. Great teacher, superprofessional and very kind.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Karin Leijen 16/12/2014 (Netherlands)
  • Great, nothing to complain! 🙂
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Carolina 01/03/15 (Germany)
  • "Zenith Kiting assistant instructor course"

    Excellent to get service from one of the two IKO affiliated schools in Mui Ne and it obviously makes a huge difference. My instructor Matty was extremely on the ball and learning took place quickly and easily - leaving us plenty of time to consolidate our knowledge and practice on live students. The course was great because it was very practical based and when we learnt something practically we were clearly shown how we can build off the experiences gained and look at the technical aspect within the handbook. The school was a frenzy of passionate and experienced instructors, all of whom had their minor input on the course and even after the course advice was given on other aspects of kitesurfing by all. C2SKY obviously isn't a school which is money orientated like i have experienced before. Will definitely be going back ASAP.
    Assistant Instructor Training Course, Gabriel Vachon 22/03/2015 (Canada)
  • "Awesome instructor!"

    Matty had me up on the board on my second lesson. Been kiting about 2 years now and love every day of it.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Kieran Jennings 06/06/2012 (Brightlingsea, UK)
  • "The best instruction there is"

    Matty just gets it and before you know if you are going upwind. Anyone who wants to learn how to kite or want to take it to the next level should go to Zenith Kiting. Simply the best. Laurent
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Laurent Cordonnier 16/07/2012 (France)
  • Had an awesome time SUPing with Matty and Jake, they really know how to put the fun into everything even the serious safety moments. 2 great lads that obviously enjoy sharing their passion with others.
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Jeff Newell 02/02/2014 (Mui Ne, Vietnam)
  • What a fun way to spend a sunny Sunday morning! Totally enjoyed our SUP lesson and dying to do it again. Thanks Matty
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Tara Wilkinson 07/07/2014 (Colchester, UK)
  • "A very easy and good instructor"

    Totally knows how far to take your ability, I surprised myself defiantly will let anyone who asks me about leaning to kite surf I will be the first to recommend him, thanks Matty for getting me started know for the hard work
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Matt Dunbar 15/05/2014 (Southend, UK)
  • Had a two-hour SUP lesson with Matty on the Stour at Dedham, and we had a great time. He's friendly, he's patient, he's a genuinely decent fella and he knows what he's doing... and in two hours, so did we. Sort of.
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Tom Miller 15/08/2014 (London, UK)
  • "best school hands down!"

    Kitesurfing Lesson, James Motley 11/11/2014
  • "Just had the best day kiting with Matty"

    Our second ever taster session kiting and we got up on the board thanks to Matty's excellent tuition and super friendly and patient approach! Hope to see you again soon Matty! Cheers for an excellent day. Sarah and James
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Sarah Nightingale 20/05/2015 (London, UK)
  • "Great people, great spot"

    If you re keen on learning how to ride or improve your current skills, Matty and his crew are the ones to contact!!
    Kitesurfing Rental, Gregory Spaenjaers 05/06/2015 (Netherlands)
  • Excellent day at Clacton with jake and matty.. Thanx guys..
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Stephen John Leverett 23/06/2015 (Felixstowe, UK)
  • "Friendly, relaxed approach..."

    ...but you get a real feeling and its obvious that Zenith no what they're talking about. Matty the instructor is clearly passionate about what he does, and that feeds back through how he teaches. If fancy giving it a go, use these guys. I'd recommend this Kitesurf school to anyone.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Tim Breen 10/06/2015 (Colchester, UK)
  • Awesome lesson with Matty on the Stour in Dedham! Thanks
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Nicola Cox 15/08/2015 (Ipswich, UK)
  • "Awesome two day kitesurfing course for my lad and me"

    Both of us up on the board in two days after some fantastic instruction. Matty really knows his stuff and Can't recommend highly enough
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Greg Kench 03/09/2015 (Colchester, UK)

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