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IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course (AITC-Plus)

9:00 am — 6:00 pm

Become an IKO assistant instructor. The first level towards the ultimate career as an IKO instructor. During the Assistant Instructor course, our very own IKO Examiner Matty Hurrell will show you how to assist as a kiteboarding Assistant Instructor under the supervision of an Instructor Level 2 (or higher). Your training will be divided into 3 parts: evaluation and improvement…


2 Day Kitesurfing Lesson

12:00 am — 11:59 pm

2 Day Kite Surfing Lesson – £200 2 Day Kitesurfing Lesson. A complete beginner course teaching all the fundamentals in kite control & board starts to make you an independent kitesurfer.  A complete beginner’s course A kitesurfing course designed to teach you everything from kite control to board starts. Advanced kite control We will begin…


IKO Instructor Training Course (ITC)

9:00 am — 6:00 pm

Combine your passion and job as an IKO Level 1 instructor  The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is based on IKO kiteboard teaching methods, which are recognized as the international standard in kiteboard teaching. The ITC runs for 5-days at IKO affiliated center Zenith Kiting in Essex and is taught by an our very own IKO Examiner…

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What our customers say…

  • "Amazing Matty!"

    I have had several lessons with Matty Hurrell Learning the basics to body dragging then getting up with board starts! I progressed so quickly,and had the best time in my life! Kiting is now my favourite thing in life and I am constantly praying for wind! Matty is the best instructor as I have previously had a lesson with another instructor and I have to say Matty is outa this world! So calm,explains everything but in a fun way that you learn well! I advise you to go with zenith kiting
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Emma Round 28/06/2014 (Brightlingsea, UK)
  • "Feels like flying!"

    Rough see, so did only four hours in 2 days. Best four hours of my life, even know that Matty had to release us from the kite, which I'm still thankfull for. Great teacher, superprofessional and very kind.
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Karin Leijen 16/12/2014 (Netherlands)
  • "The best instruction there is"

    Matty just gets it and before you know if you are going upwind. Anyone who wants to learn how to kite or want to take it to the next level should go to Zenith Kiting. Simply the best. Laurent
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Laurent Cordonnier 16/07/2012 (France)
  • What a fun way to spend a sunny Sunday morning! Totally enjoyed our SUP lesson and dying to do it again. Thanks Matty
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Tara Wilkinson 07/07/2014 (Colchester, UK)
  • Had a two-hour SUP lesson with Matty on the Stour at Dedham, and we had a great time. He's friendly, he's patient, he's a genuinely decent fella and he knows what he's doing... and in two hours, so did we. Sort of.
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Tom Miller 15/08/2014 (London, UK)
  • Awesome lesson with Matty on the Stour in Dedham! Thanks
    Paddleboarding Lesson, Nicola Cox 15/08/2015 (Ipswich, UK)
  • "Awesome two day kitesurfing course for my lad and me"

    Both of us up on the board in two days after some fantastic instruction. Matty really knows his stuff and Can't recommend highly enough
    Kitesurfing Lesson, Greg Kench 03/09/2015 (Colchester, UK)

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